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I announced plans for my Coding World Tour in a previous blog post. The next challenge is to make sure people know about it.

Other than a couple of posts on Twitter and a share on LinkedIn, I haven’t yet done much promotion. This post describes my next steps for spreading the word.

Personal Network

I know a handful of people in some of the cities on my list, so I’ll be asking them to share my post with their local contacts.

## Regional User Groups

Every city I plan to visit has a least one Ruby or Rails user group. I think these will probably be my best bet for finding coding opportunities:

It might seem wrong to focus on Ruby, but it has an incredible community. Also, many Ruby developers are polyglot programmers, so it may lead to a chance of exploring other languages.

Ruby Forums

These forums are full of enthusiastic developers:

Individual Companies

There are a number of companies I admire who I’d like to spend a few days with, so I may approach them directly, but I’m going to hold off and see what offers I get first.

Other Publications

These would be harder to get a mention on, but would be great publicity: